Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Short and Sweet

You know all is right in some one's world when they stop blogging. 

Ehhhhink!  Not true.  It's just been busy around here and I am searching for my "voice".  Everything in my head just doesn't seem fit to blog about, I guess.  So for a few short moments, I wanted to force a little something out, therefore, I shall keep it simple.

To sum it up, short and sweet, parenting these days has been exasperating (just to be honest).  By the time quiet time and nap time come along, everyone benefits if mommy gets some QT, too.  But on a positive note: Fish Fry has slept two nights without a passy!  Way to go, Fishy!  We are so proud.  A new era, indeed!

So far, we have already had a full and fun summer!  From our trip to Alabama to our adventures in Holiday World, we have hardly had down time (my excuse for growing lax in my picture posting and daily blogging); my apologies!

Sidekick and I are reading together for fun this summer.  A definite time sucker, but certainly time worth spending in more ways than one! 

Rock Steady starts half-day Kindergarten this Fall.  A very forefront subject matter on this mamma's mind.  Altogether, a new chapter--an exciting change to anticipate!

No promises, but I hope I can post more often.  Let us know how you're doing!  We love feedback!


P.S.  A Great Question by Rock Steady:

"Can God make Himself small?"

In reply, "Yes, He already did; he became a baby--baby Jesus!"

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